Monday, December 20, 2010

Bad church ethics

Today's bad advice:
Dear Annie: My husband and I belong to different churches. He's been a member of his for 50 years, and I've been with mine for 30.

He was recently hospitalized, and someone from his church came to visit, as did my pastor. But when I spoke to my pastor, she said she did not think it was good church ethics to pray for a non-member, so she didn't pray for my husband during his illness. ...

Dear Disappointed: Talk to your pastor, and explain how upset you were ...
What's wrong with this picture? (1) Not belonging to her husband's church, (2) a female pastor, (3) church ethics, (4) having to preach to her own pastor, and (5) expecting a pastor to change beliefs just because a member is upset.

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Jo. said...

When I first moved San Jose, I asked a local church to pray for my wedding. For sure, I was not a member because I was the newcomer. The pastor refused to do that although my sister in law was a member for more than a decade. I went out to find a commercial pastor and got my wedding done. Sometimes, I still visit that church because my sister in law goes there but I never donate them any penny. I prefer donating to school or library.