Friday, December 03, 2010

Psychologists keep reversing themselves

Psychology Today article
quotes a 1966 Time magazine article:
The once widespread view that homosexuality is caused by heredity, or by some derangement of hormones, has been generally discarded. The consensus is that it is caused psychically, through a disabling fear of the opposite sex. The origins of this fear lie in the homosexual’s parents. The mother – either domineering and contemptuous of the father, or feeling rejected by him – makes her son a substitute for her husband, with a close-binding, overprotective relationship. Thus, she unconsciously demasculinizes him. If at the same time the father is weakly submissive to his wife or aloof and unconsciously competitive with his son, he reinforces the process. To attain normal sexual development, according to current psychoanalytic theory, a boy should be able to identify with his father’s masculine role.
Psychology Today then says:
Today, in 2010, we know, through a large number of careful behavior genetic studies of twins, many of which have been conducted by Mike Bailey himself, in collaboration with his colleagues and students, that male homosexuality is almost entirely caused by a combination of genes and prenatal hormones. The so-called “gay genes,” which are yet to be sequenced but are probably located in the region Xq28 on the X chromosome, are one factor that strongly influences male sexual orientation. The other is the level of androgen to which the male fetus is exposed inside his mother’s womb. The greater the prenatal androgen exposure, the more likely the fetus is to become homosexual, which is why the number of older brothers is a significant predictor of male sexual orientation. The more older brothers a man has, the more likely he is to be homosexual. The current scientific consensus in 2010 is that, between the genes and prenatal androgen exposure, by the time he is born, a boy is either gay or straight, nothing in between, in his sexual orientation. 
The author goes on to say that this proves that science is not cumulative, and that we may go back to believing in the Flat Earth.

No, real science does not flip-flop with the politics of the day like this. Only sloppy soft sciences like psychology do that. There is no genetic or hormonal explanation for sexual orientation, as described here. You should be suspicious when you read of "gay genes which are yet to be sequenced". All the genes have been sequenced as part of the human genome project. These sex theories keep getting reversed because they have no solid science behind them.

The idea that anyone went back to believing in a flat Earth is just a myth promoted by evolutionists to make fun of Christians. The myth is not true.

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