Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Women hate DNA tests

From an advice column today:
Dear Annie: ... However, I am not entirely certain that my second daughter is my biological child. Around the time she was conceived, my wife had an affair with my brother-in-law. ... Is there any way I could secretly obtain a DNA specimen from her to do a test? ...

Dear Tennessee: ... The only valid reason for doing a DNA test is to provide your daughter with an accurate medical history, but if you don't plan to inform her, this doesn't apply.
Yes, the columnists are women. No amount of feminist propaganda will change the basic fact that a man will want to know if his daughter is really his daughter, and the daughter will want to know whether her father is really her father.

Feminists have long said that men have no valid reason to have any say about a woman getting an abortion. Now these columnists say a man has no valid reason to find out who inseminated his wife. This attitude will soon force all men to get DNA tests on every child.

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