Tuesday, July 28, 2009

NPR hates making money

I often listen to NPR Science Friday for socialist science podcasts, but last week's show on a cell phone microscope was particularly offensive. The guest was a professor who was teaching students how to invent devices that are suitable for diagnosing infectious diseases in Third World countries. At one point (about half-way at 3:30) the host said:
It is amazing it is a student project. You are not worried that they are going to drop out of school and go get rich, are you?
This was such a bizarrely leftist thing to say. The university is training people to have money-making careers. If one of them successfully goes into business saving millions of people from tuberculosis, why would anyone worry that he might make some money in the process? That is not a worry, that is a good thing. The student would only make money by bring medical services to poor people who would not get help otherwise. The more money he makes, the more lives he will have saved.

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