Tuesday, January 06, 2009

McClish waits for DNA evidence

Here is news about a local crime:
Michael McClish will face the evidence on April 6 in the double homicide case of Joanna “Asha” Veil and her unborn daughter.

McClish, who is accused of double murder, will appear for a preliminary hearing in Santa Cruz County Superior Court. Judge Samuel Stevens set the date on Dec. 22 after several delays in processing DNA evidence. ...

The body of Veil, a cashier at the Ben Lomond supermarket where McClish also worked, was found in September 2006 on remote Love Creek Road.
Several delays? The murder was in 2006 and they still have shown the DNA evidence? This is fishy.
McClish, who is imprisoned on an unrelated sexual assault conviction that he is appealing, has been in county jail since his arrest in May.
Unrelated? McClish was framed on the sex charge because the County could not prove that he murdered Asha.

Maybe McClish killed Asha, but I doubt that 2.5 years of evidence cooking is going to prove it. McClish was a married man with a nice family. Asha's unborn baby belonged to someone else. Why would McClish kill Asha?

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Roger said...

I hope McClish does fry if he really killed Asha. But I've read the newspaper articles on him, and I don't see any hard evidence that he has ever committed any crimes.