Friday, August 22, 2008

Finding Phelps' dad

Yahoo tracks down Phelps' dad:
During Michael Phelps' races, camera shots of his mother Debbie were a fixture on NBC. The network showed endless replays of her falling to her seat after that memorable 100 butterfly finish. ... Where was Dad?

It's been well-documented that Debbie and Fred Phelps divorced when Michael was 9.
The article goes on to take some cheap shots at his dad. The fact is that Phelps is a 23-year-old adult who makes $5M a year from endorsements. He paid for his mom's trip to Peking, but did not invite his dad. It appears that his mom used the family court to cut his dad out of his life.

I had the impression from the Olympics broadcast that Phelps swam for the Univ. of Michigan swim team. But while he took some Univ. of Michigan classes, he has dropped out of college and he never swam for the team.

There is a conspiracy theory about how he won one medal here.

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