Thursday, May 05, 2005

Dinosaur missing link

Here is dinosaur evolution news:
The recently discovered species of dinosaurs, called Falcarius utahensis, had legs built for speed like meat-eaters but it also had a wide pelvis designed for the longer gut common in vegetarian animals that ferment plants.

Falcarius and Velociraptors shared a common, yet-undiscovered ancestor, said study co-author Scott Sampson, a paleontologist and curator at the Utah Museum of Natural History.

"With Falcarius, we have actual fossil evidence of a major dietary shift, certainly the best example documented among dinosaurs," Sampson said in a release. "This little beast is a missing link between small-bodied predatory dinosaurs and the highly specialized and bizarre plant-eating therizinosaurs."

No one knows what killed off the buried dinosaurs, but scientists say drought, volcanic eruptions, fire and botulism poisoning are all possibilities.
Notice how evolutionists always think that there is an undiscovered common ancestor, and that find a few new bones is frequently some sort of missing link.

Notice also the list possible causes of death. If the scientists cannot distinguish those possibilities, then they know nothing about the death. But the evolutionists just don't want to admit that dinosaurs might have died in a great flood.

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