Sunday, May 15, 2005

Alternative lifestyles

This AP story says HHS caved in to gay pressure.
WASHINGTON (AP) - The federal government has changed its Web site advising parents how to talk to their children about sex after several groups said it presented biased and inaccurate information.

The site received about 5 million hits in its first month of operation. In recent days, the section on sexual orientation was changed to address some of the concerns voiced by the gay rights community.

For example, the term "alternative lifestyle" was replaced with "lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender lifestyle," which addressed the concern that the Bush administration was labeling sexual orientation as choice.

In addition, the portion telling parents of gay children to consider seeing a family therapist who shares their values was changed to say "counselors and other health professionals may be helpful to both teens and parents when addressing difficult issues." ...

Golden said focus groups helped the department develop the Web site, which stresses abstinence, and that some of the concerns surprised her because they did not set off alarm bells in the focus groups. For example, she cited the phrase "alternative lifestyle," and said, "We were not aware that was an area of sensitivity."
I wasn't aware of that either. Are there really people who proudly describe their "gay lifestyles", but are offended by the term "alternative lifestyles"? Homosexuality certainly is an alternative lifestyle, whether it is a choice or not.

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