Friday, May 26, 2023

Medical Journals have gone Woke

Biology professor Jerry Coyne explains how the top medical journal The Lancet has gone woke:
Here’s my own brief summary of Horton’s op-ed:

“Global health” is a manifestation of colonialism and white supremacy, an exclusive and structurally racist club that must be decolonized and dismantled. We shouldn’t waste our time pursuing the traditional version of this practice, which won’t be decolonized until the entire world is fixed: rid of war, racism, unequal wealth, climate skepticism, and all other manifestations of right-wing politics.”

Coyne also reports that Mathematics education is infected:
More than 50 of Britain’s leading mathematicians have accused standards bosses of politicising the curriculum with new diversity guidance.

Academics at top UK universities have signed an open letter criticising guidance on academic standards that states that values of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) “should permeate the curriculum and every aspect of the learning experience”.

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