Sunday, October 16, 2022

There is no Case Against Trump

The case against Pres. Donald Trump does not make any sense. It is based on incorrect mindreading. The main argument is that he knew that he lost the election, but chose to complain about improperly cast votes anyway!

Slate reports:

The Jan. 6 Committee Nailed Its Final Case Against Trump

In its last hearing, the body offered damning new evidence about what Trump knew, and how he tried to cling to power. ...

Perhaps more damning, though, is the new evidence that the committee presented that Trump knew he lost all along. This included testimony from General Mark A. Milley, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, that Trump may have conceded defeat in a Cabinet meeting, saying “words to the effect of, ‘yeah, we lost we need to let that issue go to the next guy,’ meaning President Biden.”

Milley acknowledged it may have been former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo who made this statement, but there was other testimony that Trump knew he lost. ...

All of this was meant to hammer home Trump’s intent with his actions on Jan. 6. “We will focus on President Trump’s state of mind, his intent, his motivations and how he spurred others to do his bidding and how another Jan. 6 could happen again if we do not take serious action to prevent it,” committee vice chairwoman Liz Cheney said at the start of the hearing.

Indeed, Trump’s intent—according to the committee, to remain in power through any means necessary including violence despite knowing he had lost — would speak directly to any potential Jan. 6 criminal case against the former president.

So they have a Trump statement indicating that he was going to vacate the White House, except hat no one knows whether he said it, and somehow from that they deduce that he wanted to use any means necessary, including violence, to stay in the White House!

They act as if it is a big revelation that Trump knew that the vote count went against him. Of course he knew that. That is why he was demanding recounts and contesting vote tallies.

Trump's enemies are desperate to charge him with something. The other legal arguments against him are (1) he called a Georgia election official to contest some improperly cast votes; and (2) he had possession of some extra copies of formerly classified White House documents.

The House voted to impeach him for delaying aid to Ukraine, pending a corruption investigation. Now Pres. Biden has pressured Saudi Arabia to lower oil prices to help with the miderm election vote.

The J6 committee still has not released the videos, or had live witness testimony, or allowed cross examination, or permitted expression of any views except pro-Democrat propaganda. It is un-American to think that anyone is guilty of anything based on hearing one side of the story. I can only assume that they are afraid that releasing the evidence would exonerate Trump. and cause people to vote Republican.

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