Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Biden Grovels to Non-white Non-Americans

From the Biden White House:
As we host the official White House Diwali reception, we are honored to light the diya surrounded by members of the most diverse Administration in American history—led by Vice President Kamala Harris, the first Black American and South Asian American to become Vice President.
In person, Biden called her the President.
Together, South Asian Americans reflect the soul of who we are as a nation,
No, Hindoos are not the soul of America.

The new Prime Minister of Britain is a Hindoo, but they are not the soul of Britain either. Only of India.

But, even as we celebrate this gathering of light, we know — as this community has experienced too often — that there is always darkness lurking. American history has been a constant struggle between the American ideal that we are all created equal and the harsh reality that that we have never fully lived up to it.
South Asians earn more than Whites in the USA, and yet the White House cannot honor them without apologizing for not doing more for them.

Can you imagine the leader of India announcing that the soul of India was the American and British computer technicians who were maintaining their computer systems? And then apologizing for not treating them better? Saying that there is a "darkness lurking" that India is not more subservient to White visitors?

Meanwhile, I see that Adidas and everyone else is cooperating with the Jew-led cancellation of Kanye West, in response to him saying that Jews have the power to cancel people. I think he proved his point, but it is going to cost him a lot. If West were ranting nonsense, no one would care. They are only attacking him because he is telling the truth.

When they are not censoring free speech, they are pushing for war against Russia. The Intercept reports:

On Monday morning, 30 members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus sent a letter to the White House that attempted to gingerly open a conversation about a potential diplomatic end to Russia’s war on Ukraine. The door was slammed shut by the evening, met with enough fury to elicit a “clarification” in the form of a statement from caucus Chair Pramila Jayapal.

“Let me be clear,” Jayapal said in a statement issued just before 7 p.m., “We are united as Democrats in our unequivocal commitment to supporting Ukraine in their fight for their democracy and freedom in the face of the illegal and outrageous Russian invasion, and nothing in the letter advocates for a change in that support.”

On Tuesday afternoon, Jayapal followed the clarification by fully withdrawing the letter, saying it was “released by staff without vetting.”

This is astounding. The war could probably be ended tomorrow if the USA negotiated a settlement with Russia. There used to be a lot of anti-war Democrats. Now the only anti-war politicians are a few Republicans who want reasonable limits on war funding for Ukraine.

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