Thursday, October 13, 2022

Current Data on Crime and SAT Scores

Crime and IQ data are getting scarce, as they look bad for some groups.
In the FBI’s (less than perfect) homicide statistics for 2021, the ratio of black known homicide offenders to known nonblack homicide offenders is about an order of magnitude, depending upon how you define black from the 2020 Census....

If you use Black and Another Race, you get a racial ratio of about 9 to 1 for known homicide offender rate for black vs. all nonblacks. If you use Black Alone, you get a racial ratio of 11 to 1. So, roughly an order of magnitude, which is a huge ratio by almost all social science standards.

In contrast, women were one-eighth of the known homicide offenders in 2021, so the male to female ratio is more around 7.2 to 1.

It’s crazy that black to nonblack ratio is worse than the male to female ratio.

Steve Hsu reports:

The state of Michigan required all public HS seniors to take the SAT last year (~91k out of ~107k total seniors in the state). This generated an unusually representative score sample. Full report.  ...

To the uninformed, the results are shocking in a number of ways. Look specifically at the top band with scores in the 1400-1600 range. These are kids who have a chance at elite university admission, based on academic merit.

The SAT is less of an IQ test than it used to be, and colleges are dropping SAT requirements, even though it is still the best predictor of college performance. The problem is the ethnic breakdown. Just look at the chart.

Girls are now doing better than boys in school grades and college admissions, but the Michigan SAT data do not show that. They show boys outscoring girls at the high and low end, with girls doing better in the middle.

Asians score very high, and Blacks score low. Nobody argues that the tests are culturally biased anymore, as they are not written to let Asians score well.

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