Tuesday, June 14, 2022

NY Times Article Shows Merits of Eugenics

The NY Times has an article on eugenics:
From 1907 to 1932, 32 states passed explicit eugenics laws that allowed for the government to sterilize the “insane,” the “feebleminded,” the “dependent” and the “diseased” — all of whom were deemed incapable of making their own decisions about reproduction. Nearly all of these laws have been repealed
A lot is on the Relf sisters, who suffer disabilities and live on welfare. Lawyers argue that they should be compensated for being sterilized.

If they had kids, those kids would have been a burden on society for decades to come.

I kept expecting the article to give a good anti-eugenics argument, but it did not. It did have some legalistic arguments about whether the consent was truly informed.

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