Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Congress Shoots at So-called Boyfriend Loophole

Congress appears to be ready to pass a law limiting gun ownership, depending on this newly-defined term:
(37)(A) The term ‘dating relationship’ means a relationship between individuals who have or have recently had a continuing serious relationship of a romantic or intimate nature.

(B) Whether a relationship constitutes a dating relationship under subparagraph (A) shall be determined based on consideration of—
(i) the length of the relationship;
(ii) the nature of the relationship; and
(iii) the frequency and type of interaction between the individuals involved in the relationship.

(C) A casual acquaintanceship or ordinary fraternization in a business or social context does not constitute a dating relationship under subparagraph (A).

A comment:
Both those proposals, and this article, are openly sexist. First close the girlfriend loophole, where any woman can accuse damn near any man who has ever been the same city with "domestic violence", and due process be damned.

Exactly. When I went back to college I was lab partners with a guy who was a former police officer. His ex-wife filed a complaint against him for pointing his service weapon at her. When it was investigated it was found that at the time she says it happened he was testifying in Court in another State. The DA wouldn't back him because it was a political issue and his Union wouldn't for the same reason. "Other women might be afraid to come forward if we prosecuted her." As a result of the COMPLAINT he lost his certification from the State to be a Police Officer. That was why he was going to school. He was never charged, just the complaint was enough.

This is Leftist craziness. First, the federal govt should not be tracking dating relationships. Second, such relationships should have no bearing on gun ownership. Third, this is all just a scheme for the Amber Heards of the world to make life difficult for the Johnny Depps.

Update: The US Supreme Court just upheld gun rights, Clarence Thomas writing the 6-3 majority opinion.

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