Monday, June 21, 2021

White Fagility is now Nice Racism

According to a new book, Nice Racism, the worst racists are those guilty of:
-rushing to prove that we are “not racist”;
-downplaying white advantage;
-romanticizing Black, Indigenous and other peoples of color (BIPOC);
-pretending white segregation “just happens”;
-expecting BIPOC people to teach us about racism;
-and feeling immobilized by shame.
Okay, I will try to avoid these.

White segregation does not just happen. It is nearly always the result of BIPOC hostility.

No, I do not expect BIPOCs to teach us about racism. BIPOCs are much more racist than Whites, by any measure. We can learn by seeing their examples of their own racism, but that's about all.

We should not romanticize BIPOCs. Racists are treating George Floyd as a hero, but he was just a criminal junkie.

There is no shame in being White. The book says all Whites are racist, by definition, so there should be no shame in being a White racist. It is a necessary consequence of being born into a multiracial society.

It is a mistake for Whites to rush to prove that they are not racist. They and others would be better off celebrating White ethnicity and culture.

Finally, let's not downplay White advantage. This author portrays BIPOCs as emotionally retarded infantilized pitiable creatures in perpetual of what they regard as their White superiors.

I have heard of the 1973 French novel The Camp of the Saints being called a White supremacist textbook. The Robin DiAngelo books are the White supremacist books of the 21st century.

I should note that there are sensible Blacks who are disgusted by everything in these books. The books are mainly popular with White liberals.

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