Monday, June 28, 2021

The Meaning of all those Colors

Nickelodeon is the most popular source of kids videos, except for maybe Disney. So you think it sticks to inoffensive content?

No, check out this video: The Meaning of Pride ft. Drag Queen Nina West 🏳️‍🌈 (Pride Song).

The song is supposedly about inclusiveness, but the color White is not for White people. No color for them. No color for heterosexual or cis-gender or non-queer or White people. Inclusiveness has become a code word for excluding straight Whites.

Homosexuality is only outlawed in Moslem countries. It is promoted in most Western countries. A few, like Russia and Hungary, have some restrictions on promoting homosexuality to minors. For this, the gay press attacks them as if they are the most horrible countries in the world.

Explain to me why it is good to show perverted videos like this to minors. What is the purpose?

Here is a new Netflix trailer, THE HARDER THEY FALL | Official Teaser | Netflix. This is described as a "assured, righteously new school Western", where Blacks go round murdering White people.

Over on Amzon Prime, we hve Karen Movie Teaser/Trailer. The term "Karen" has become a racial slur for White women, and this is about a Karen who is hated by her Black neighbors.

I haven't seen either of these movies. They are not out yet. So maybe they have some purpose other than promoting racial hatred. We shall see. It is almost as if Hollywood has been taken over by some ethnic group that hates White Christians above all else.

Here is video of Biden offers encouragement to LGBTQ Americans. I could not stand to watch it. A cabinet secretary told lies about Matthew Shepard, and how proud he is to have a "husband". There was a 16-year-old freaky-looking Black-Latino trans with female sex and male gender. Biden also babbled about Shepard, transgendered soldiers, and other LGBTQIA talking points. He pushed for boys playing on girls sports teams.

Biden made the common LGBTQIA argument that if a teenage boy is mentally ill and suicidal, then the best thing is to castrate him and get him trans counseling. They want to ban cis counseling. This is now what the Democrat Party represents, more than anything else.

Rudy Giuliani was just disbarred, with the judges ruling:

The seriousness of respondent’s uncontroverted misconduct cannot be overstated. This country is being torn apart by continued attacks on the legitimacy of the 2020 election and of our current president, Joseph R. Biden.13 The hallmark of our democracy is predicated on free and fair elections. False statements intended to foment a loss of confidence in our elections and resulting loss of confidence in government generally damage the proper functioning of a free society.

E.g. A May 17-19 national poll conducted by Reuters/Ipsos reported that while only 3% of Democrats believe that Trump won the 2020 election, 53% of Republicans so believe (Reuters, 53% of Republicans view Trump as true U.S. president,

I did not know that opinion polls can get a lawyer disbarred.

No, if anything is tearing this country apart, it is lies about George Floyd, systemic racism, and transgenderism.

Tucker Carlson reports:

In the universities, this is called "critical race theory," so that’s the term many people go with. "Critical race theory" — that’s what we so often debate on TV. But it’s an inaccurate way to describe what’s happening. Like so much academic jargon, the phrase "critical race theory" doesn’t mean anything. It obscures, rather than illuminates. It’s designed to confuse you. What’s happening in our schools and our military and our government is both simpler and easier to recognize than that. It’s not critical race theory. It’s racism. Not "neo-racism" or "reverse racism." Those are meaningless terms. It’s race hate, peddled by the people in charge in the hope it’ll make them more powerful. That’s all it is.
That's right, and the racism is coming from the highest levels in our govt.

NY Times essay, by X-Files guy:

Attendees believed that this program used, among other things, reverse-engineered technology from captured U.F.O.s to weaponize space. By outward appearances, these were respectable and accomplished professionals, including former government officials and lawyers. Some of them also believe that the military has hidden bases on the dark side of the moon and meet secretly there with reptilian aliens.
They were speaking in code.

Our leaders do act as if they meet in secret with aliens to plan their betrayal of our civilization. We as might as well speak of them that way.


Anonymous said...

I am so glad that I raised my child before this current climate of intimidation by the left on traditional values.

Anonymous said...

"I did not know that opinion polls can get a lawyer disbarred."

No, Tucker Carlson wannabe, he was disbarred for making false statements in court... repeatedly. Sixty some odd lawsuits based on the big lie. Somewhat like you, the man has no shame.

I'm really beginning to question your reading comprehension skills... why is it that whenever you restate what you've read in the factual, "liberal" media, you invariably get it wrong.

Really sad.

Roger said...

So why did the judge quote that poll? The judge's opinion consisted mostly of gripes about what Giuliani said out of court, and about public opinion.

No need to rely on my reading. I supplied links to the original documents.