Tuesday, June 01, 2021

Americans unconvinced by WWII history

The London Dail Mail reports:
The question was asked: 'Do you think the United States made a mistake sending troops to fight in the following wars?'

The poll considered conflicts spread over more than 100 years including both World Wars, the Vietnam War and the more recent conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Some 14 percent of Americans said they believed sending troops to fight the Nazi-led Axis powers during World War II was a mistake and an additional 18 percent weren’t sure, although the support for the decision to send troops to fight the Nazis received more support than any other war at 68 percent.

However, one third of Americans were still unsure if President Roosevelt made the right decision.

Of those supporting the war, their reasons could be based on defending against Japan, as Japan attacked the USA.

The more interesting question is whether the USA should have joined the war in Europe, for WWI and WWII.

Vox Day writes:

resident Roosevelt didn't make the right decision. In fact, it is now obvious and well-documented that both President Roosevelt and Winston Churchill were very clearly taking orders from someone, presumably someone connected to the small group of Jews who declared war on Germany in 1933, and that both elected leaders were instructed to back Stalin without question, even to the direct and material detriment of their own soldiers, countries, and national interests. The treasonous subservience of Roosevelt, in particular, eventually resulted in the attempted mass murder of 28 million Germans by US Secretary of State Henry Morgenthau, and also created the industrial Soviet Union by propping up the Soviet economy for 40 years despite the intrinsic economic dysfunctionality of communism. ...

The undeniable historical fact is that D-Day was totally unnecessary, as Germany attempted to surrender more than TWO YEARS before its surrender was finally accepted in May 1945. In other words, every single American life lost in the campaign on the Western Front was a needless sacrifice and a tragic waste.

Happy Memorial Day.

This is heresy. WWII was the last good war, with very broad public support, and in the history books.

Some say that FDR deliberately provoked Japan into attacking us, as he was secretly supplying war goods to the European allies, and wanted an excuse to enter the war.

I have heard these stories for a long time, but I am surprised that so many Americans question WWII.

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