Thursday, January 28, 2021

Sex Dichotomy explains Election

From a banned site:
Men tend to prize independence, whereas women prefer collectivism and central authority. This is because every man is a leader, to some extent, in that he leads his own family. So even when a man is a part of a hierarchy, where he is on the lower rank of it, he still values independence, naturally. A man who is a leader of other men recognizes that they are all leaders in their own homes, and he respects that, and speaks to the lower members of his hierarchy in the same tone of voice, and using the same words, as he speaks to the higher members. A man understands a man being in authority over him, because he is an authority in his household, and so a lower member of a hierarchy respects the decisions of the higher members as he hopes his wife and children will respect his own decisions.

Women, on the other hand, are not naturally leaders, so when they get together in a group, they do things by consensus opinion. They are also cruel and vindictive with other women, and do not value responsibility and fairness or clearly thought-through arguments. Everything is about their feelings. Instead of nodding and getting down to business, women continually give each other false compliments, and talk in circles about gibberish in order to express the fact that they approve of each other as part of a collective. You can see this in the film “Mean Girls,” which I always recommend everyone watch in order to better understand women (it is one of the very few honest portrayals in film).

At least according to what we’re being told, a full 80% of white men voted for Donald Trump over Joe Biden, while the number of white women is being given as 55%. The women who did vote for Trump, you would find, are women who are married and/or have a strong relationship with their fathers. They view Trump as an extension of that male authority.

The coronavirus was the main issue of the election, and that was a pure masculine/feminine dichotomy, with the male view being that people should be allowed to make their own choices and that we can’t overturn the entire order of rights in society, and the female view being that the government is your mommy and the Constitution is just a piece of paper like any other. Obviously, men are also more likely to look into the actual data surrounding this flu, and find that it’s all a hoax, while the women get drawn into the emotional spectacle of it, and this whole “we’re all in it together” thing. Further, women will just generally listen to the media a lot more, because they view it as a public consensus announcement service, and it’s very important to them that they be in line with that consensus.

Understanding the differences between men and women, you can understand why right is male brained and left is female brained. If it’s taking a minute to recognize where global warming fits into that: just look at all of the women that get involved in the occult, palm reading, fortune telling, and so on. Spiritualism in general is typically feminine, and various spirit cults are the only place anywhere in history before the 20th century where you are going to find women in charge. Global warming is a kind of mother earth nonsense occult belief. “Listening to the planet” is a phrase you repeatedly hear with these people. A man’s response would be “I’m listening, woman, and it ain’t talking – it’s dirt and rocks and it doesn’t have a mouth.”

Meanwhile, “the government doesn’t have any right to tell anybody what to do” is something that appeals to masculine sensibilities.

I expect the Biden administration to try to block that site.

Here is one of the first prosecutions. Politico reports:

Social media 'influencer' charged with spreading 2016 election disinformation
The arrest marks a rare instance of an individual facing criminal charges over a disinformation campaign carried out on prominent social media platforms. ...

The charges: The FBI arrested Douglass Mackey, known as “Ricky Vaughn,” on accusations of conspiring to deprive individuals of their right to vote through “coordinated use of social media to spread disinformation,” according to a complaint filed in the Eastern District of New York.

It seems like free speech to me. Biden still has many 1000s of national guardsmen in Wach. DC, and they are supposed to stay thru the impeachment trial, so that they can pretend that some sort of revolutionary threat is present.

The trial is a big farce. 45 Senators have already voted to dismiss the charges, and that is more than enought to acquit. So it is just a show trial, with no legitimate purpose.

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