Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Impeachment does not make sense

Joe Biden got elected by blaming the coronavirus on Trump, and stealing votes. He never had any plan to do any better. Now he admits it.

Pres. Biden said:

There is nothing we can do to change the trajectory of the pandemic in the next several months.
So it was all just campaign lies.

California is lifting the stay-at-home order. Not that it is any safer. Maybe they realize that it was foolish, I don't know.

Congress is moving forward with so-called impeachment, where the official document alleges:

Donald Trump is the President.
Trump claimed that the election was stolen.
It is dangerous to national security to allow Trump to remain in office. This constitutes grounds for removing him, and barring him from future office.
Yes, he did express the opinion that the election was stolen, but the rest of this is completely false. Trump is not the President. There is no danger to him remaining in office, even if he were.

No one has ever been convicted in an impeachment proceeding in the history of the USA. It appears to be unconstitutional.

Obviously no one believes this nonsense, or they would have tried to remove Trump while he was still in office. By waiting until now, they are essentially saying: "We know this is unconstitutional and stupid. We just want to express our disapproval anyway."

The presiding judge should dismiss the impeachment as suffering fatal defects. The factual allegations are false, and no crime is alleged. There is nothing that anyone thought was improper before Trump.

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