Monday, January 18, 2021

Republican citizens are on board with Trump

The leftist Wash. Post complains:
In the wake of President Trump’s incitement of a violent insurrectionist assault on our seat of government, a new Post-ABC News poll offers perhaps the most detailed look yet ...

The bad news is that large majorities of Republicans are very much on board with much of what Trump has done. ...

Republicans say Trump acted responsibly by 66 percent to 29 percent. ...

Republicans say there is solid evidence of fraud by 65 percent to 25 percent. ...

56 percent of Republicans say Trump bears no responsibility at all, and another 22 percent say he bears just some, totaling 78 percent who largely exonerate him. ...

51 percent of Republicans say GOP leaders didn’t go far enough, while 27 percent say they got it right, a total of 78 percent who are fully on board or wanted more. Only 16 percent of Republicans say they went too far.

The Democrat response to this has been to ban evidence of election theft from the big social media, instead of trying to rebut the allegations.

At the very least, I think that we can all agree that the election was not conducted in a way that would show that it was free and fair. 74 million citizens voted for Trump, and most of them believe that the election was stolen.

The incoming administration is provoking racial tension:

Vice President-elect Kamala Harris addressed the violence that rocked Capitol Hill last week during an interview with NPR on Thursday, calling the attack highly reminiscent of the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, and the lynching of Emmett Till.
Wow, she needs to keep bringing up Charlottesville and Emmett Till? Till has been dead for 65 years. Check out this video for more White-hating nonsense from the new administration. It makes it look as if they are appointing a lot of Black and brown women, but actually they are appointing Jews to the key offices.

Here is the White House list of Trump Administration Accomplishments. Enjoy it while you can. This will be memory-holed on Jan. 20, noon eastern time, so I am posting an archived copy.

Even books are being banned, such as Unmasked by Andy Ngo. It is currently #9 on Amazon, as I write this. The NY Times refuses to rank it.

No. 7 is a Netflix Bridgerton book, with a cover showing a pretty White 19th century British debutante being coerced into marrying the Black Duke who molested her. I guess Netflix viewers enjoy fantasies about Black men raping White virgin girls, the White girls accepting and enjoying it, and Black men rising to high social status in the process. Or Netflix producers enjoy forcing this junk on us.

Update: A Quinnipiac poll found similar results:

Republicans say 73 - 21 percent that they believe there was widespread voter fraud. ... Republicans say 73 - 20 percent that Trump is protecting democracy. ... Republicans say 70 - 23 percent that they were protecting democracy.
Update: CNN/SSRN poll also similar.

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