Monday, August 17, 2020

Wash. Post attacks White Christian America

Jennifer Rubin is supposed to be the Wash. Post's token conservative columnist, but she is Jewish, and not conservative. Here is a recent column where she attacks American Christianity as being racist.
If you want to know why White Christian ideology is the best predictor of racist attitudes (a shocking revelation for the author and likely many readers), the book is essential reading.
Apparently the newspaper is still struggling with whether "White" should be capitalized. The NY Times and AP say it must be lower-cased, because Whites have no acceptable culture.
[quoting favorably the book author] Trump’s response to the neo-Nazi demonstrations in 2017 was also a turning point for me. Trump waited 48 hours to issue any statement, and when he did, he equivocated, stating there were “very fine people on both sides.” And I was stunned that Trump’s inability to flatly condemn neo-Nazis — who were chanting “Blood and soil!” and “Jews will not replace us” and who murdered a person protesting that hatred — had no discernible impact on his White Christian support.
Not this again. It is just fake news. It is fair to deduce that Rubin is a Jewish supremacist who wants to replace Whites with non-whites.
It’s important to note that the Republican Party has a decades-long history of deploying, in various degrees, what has been dubbed “the Southern Strategy,” a racist dog-whistle politics that fuels white grievances and exploits racial divisions to win elections.
This is even more deranged. The Democrat Party exploits racial divisions at least 100 times the Republican Party. Just look at all the attention given to Kamala Harris, where the Democrats primarily talk about her race and sex.
I think the phrases “family values” and “values voters” were one of the most successful, durable — and disingenuous — political branding operations in my lifetime.
Jews particularly hate these terms because they suggest a common endorsement of American values that Jews do not share. Yes, I know Jews appear to be pro-family, but they have their own family ideals. They commonly despise those who favor "family values".

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