Saturday, May 04, 2019

World War II was not a race war

Wash Post op-ed:
What he [Winston Churchill] did not do, however, was call for the destruction of the essence of Nazism: race supremacy. ...

Churchill’s friend President Franklin D. Roosevelt also either failed to comprehend the basic nature of German fascism or chose not to rally Americans to oppose Nazism as Nazism. In his prewar correspondence, he made no secret of his dislike of Hitler and his belligerent regime, but like Churchill, he never framed his opposition to Germany as a rejection of race hierarchy or race nationalism. ...

But it’s worth putting this plainly: The Allied leadership did not fight the war over fascist race-nationalism. That was the historical path not taken.
Of course we did not fight WWII as a race war.

Japan was much more race nationalist than Germany. That is not why we fought Japan.

Today China is regarded as a geo-political threat, and it is race nationalist. I don't hear anyone saying that we should fight China because it is race nationalist.

Most non-white countries are race-nationalist. That is how the world works.

What if that principle [eliminating the racial supremacy] had been, through the greatest global struggle of humankind, woven into our social DNA? And how can we make that principle central to our societies today?
I don't know whether racial attitudes are woven into DNA. Whites are least racist people in the world, and maybe it is in the genes. See this essay:
White people are the most individualistic people on earth — a topic central to my forthcoming book Western Individualism and the Liberal Tradition: Evolution, History, and Prospects for the Future. This means that we are less ethnocentric and less embedded in extended kinship networks that are so common in Africa and Asia. Individualists are less naturally ethnocentric, and the left has created a culture that punishes Whites for expressing ethnocentrism while encouraging non-Whites to be ethnocentric.
It says that Whites don't really identify with other Whites, until you show them the evidence that they are being exterminated. The NY Times just confirmed this.

I think that it is foolish to try to eliminate racism and identity politics, because it is part of human nature to identify with one's own kind. But if going to war to eliminate racist DNA is such a good thing, as the Wash. Post article seems to advocate, then the logical conclusion would be a world war to exterminate non-white people.

Reducing the population of White people, and importing non-whites, is making the world more racist, not less racist.

Just look at the USA. It is dramatically more racist than it was 30 years ago, as the non-white portion of the population has radically increased. Now a Democrat running for President has to apologize for being a White man.

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