Sunday, May 19, 2019

The Sandy Hook money scams

Alex Jones has been censored and de-platformed for his political views, such as supporting Pres. Trump. The main argument used against him is that he has promoted Sandy Hook conspiracy theories.

Now the NY Times admits that Alex Jones was largely correct in saying that people used the incident to run financial scams:
In the six and a half years since the deadliest elementary school shooting in American history, more than $100 million in federal, state, corporate and private money flowed into this community of about 28,000 in southwestern Connecticut. Although the tidal wave of aid bore witness to the power of human kindness, so much money engulfed the vulnerable, wounded Newtown that it inevitably sowed division. ...

Merchandise arrived by the truckload, including 60,000 teddy bears and more bicycles than Newtown has children. So many flowers and stuffed toys clogged intersections that the town gathered, composted and burned them, aiming to incorporate the resulting “sacred soil” into a memorial to the victims. ...

“The American people have an incredible charitable impulse,” said Kenneth Feinberg, who administered the victim compensation funds after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks and volunteered to adjudicate in Newtown. “But nobody knows exactly what to do when the money comes in.” ...

The outcome did not satisfy all of the families, and Mr. Feinberg was brought in to arbitrate. ... Mr. Feinberg said Sandy Hook was among the most painful of any mediation he has witnessed.
Why is it that when huge amounts of money are to be handed out, some weirdo Jew is put in charge?

Feinberg is active in Jewish and Zionist causes, and has Jewish opinions about what is fair. Whenever there is some big compensation fund, he seems to get a piece of the action somehow. Why? Presumably most of the donors and recipients are not Jewish, and do not necessarily agree with his Jewish sensibilities.

I have be careful here, because if I question anything about Sandy Hook I could get de-platformed also.

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