Thursday, May 09, 2019

Colonizing outer space is a euphemism

Glenn Harlan Reynolds reviews a book in USA Today:
Among the reasons why he thinks we need to spread out through the Solar System (and perhaps beyond): ...

For Our Freedom: Earth is crowded, and governments (and corporations like Facebook) are getting ever more intrusive as privacy grows every more scarce. The danger of a global tyranny backed by modern technology of surveillance and control is growing. Getting a sizable chunk of humanity off the planet and far enough away — the Moon, Mars, even the asteroid belt — makes it less likely that such a tyranny could become all-encompassing.

I find Zubrin’s arguments compelling, and I think you just might, too. I highly recommend his book, ...
He is trolling us. No one could seriously think that exploring outer space is a feasible response to the tyrannies brought by overcrowding and Facebook.

Drastic action on Earth will be necessary to combat those tyrannies. But if you point that out, then Facebook, Google, and others will de-platform you.

Almost all American problems are caused by Third World immigration and by elites who are selling us out. These problems range from homelessness, crime, drugs, overpriced housing, global warming, etc. If you point that out, you are called racist. So instead you have to speak in euphemisms like "need to spread out through the Solar System". That is just another way of saying that the elites are making America unlivable.

The elites have to censor the truth in order to keep control of the narrative.

The Washingtonian has a funny story about how a Washington DC Jewish mother got upset when her 13-year-old boy got redpilled.

He got kicked out of school when some leftist-feminist SJWs took offense to some trivial remark, and he searched some alt-right web sites to find out how our society got so anti-male.

His discovery was too late to save his foreskin. His mom thinks that he will return to being a good Jewish boy, and accept that SJWs can ruin him at any time if he displeases them.

It is amazing how the lizard people will tell brazen lies to protect their anti-American sellout. Google has a NY Times op-ed saying:
All while staying true to two unequivocal policies: that Google will never sell any personal information to third parties; and that you get to decide how your information is used. Here’s how it works:

First, data makes the products and services you use more helpful to you. ...

Second, products use anonymous data in aggregate to be more helpful to everyone. ...

Third, a small subset of data helps serve ads that are relevant and that provide the revenue that keeps Google products free and accessible.
Got that? Even if you are not a Google user, Google will sell info about you to advertisers for its own profit.

If an advertiser wants to market a product to 40-year-old Trump-supporting Christian men, then Google will sell an ad targeting that demographic. When you click on that ad, Google has effectively sold that info about you.

Google rationalizes this by saying that the info is not "personal", or that the info is only indirectly being sold, or that it improves its services, or that you might appreciate more relevant ads, or that outside companies profit from marketing their products, or that Google uses some of its revenue to offer "free" services (which are really data collection traps).

All that may be true, but Google and Facebook lie about what they are doing, and they use their monopolies to de-platform political views with which they disagree.

Apparently they are catering to Democrats who expect them to censor conservatives. Democrat presidential candidate Kamala Harris promises:
We will hold social media platforms responsible for the hate infiltrating their platforms, because they have a responsibility to help fight against this threat to our democracy. And if you profit off of hate—if you act as a megaphone for misinformation or cyberwarfare, if you don't police your platforms—we are going to hold you accountable as a community.
She is an ex-prosecutor, so she knows that she is threatening to criminalize non-leftist political opinions.

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