Monday, December 24, 2018

Jews find Muslim to attack Christianity

When the Jews at the NY Times want to attack Christianity, they often find non-Jews to do their dirty work for them. This time it is a Muslim named Wajahat Ali. He claims his expertise based on attending a Catholic high school where he read the King James Bible and got As in religious studies classes. I am skeptical about this, because Catholic schools do not use the King James Bible.

He brags about the compassion shown by his selfless service, where he did the 100 hours of community service that his school required. No, that is not selfless service. That is just doing required homework to get a degree.

He complains about "the hypocrisy of white Evangelical Christians" who support Trump, even tho the Bible says that faith alone will not save them. Actually those evangelicals do believe that faith alone with save them.

His main message is to say that Jesus would have favored unlimited illegal immigration for Muslims and gays into the USA, and therefore reject President Trump.

What does Trump have to do with gays? Muslims are the ones who believe in killing homosexuals. My guess is that the word was inserted by a Jewish editor. It is the non-orthodox leftist Jews who always bring up sodomy to show how enlightened they are. No other culture does that.

Muslim countries do not allow immigration from other religions. They do not allow gays either.

Christianity does not favor unlimited immigration. It does not favor suicidal policies either. Muslims and Jews are just pushing for Christian suicide, and the evangelicals who support Trump are not fooled.

This yet another hate article. The goal here is White Christian extermination. Jews know that they don't have enough bodies to displace Christians, so they use Muslims for the purpose. As long as they can manipulate the Muslims to insert pro-gay propaganda into their essays, I guess.

Merry Christmas.

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