Friday, December 21, 2018

Emerging White Identity leaving Democrats

Thomas B. Edsall writes in the NY Times:
In the 1950s, the Democratic coalition was 87 percent white and 13 percent minority, according to the American National Election Studies; it is now 59 percent white and 41 percent minority, according to Pew Research. ...

For Democrats to counter Trump effectively, a number of scholars believe it is essential to understand the motivations — the needs, beliefs and agendas — of those whites who have moved into the Trump camp.
Edsall explains that white identity political position is developing. Furthermore, research has shown that it is not based on animosity towards other races. In surveys, the Whites might say "blacks should work their way up without any special favors", but they say the exact same thing about Lithuanians.

Whites are being driven to the Republican party by anti-white-male hatred among the Democrats. Elizabeth Warren is embarrassed to be White, and pretends to be Cherokee. Kamala Harris looks black enough to qualify as a white-hater, so she is also considered a presidential candidate.

According to this recent Fox News poll, the group scoring the highest approve for President Trump is Republican women, at 93%. This is even higher than Republican men, at 85%. White score 53%. Even Trump voters only rate him 91%.

87% of Democrat women disapprove of Trump.

The poll does not separate married and unmarried women.

Apparently Whites are bifurcating into Whites who are proud of their identity, without animosity towards other races, and Whites like Warren who are ashamed of who they are, and own political debts to white-haters.

Women are bifurcating into Trump lovers and haters. Happily married white women usually like Trump, while bitter feminist unmarried women hate him.

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