Friday, December 14, 2018

Jews fail to control feminist group

Feminism has been dominated by Jews over the last 60 years. Most of the leading feminists were Jewish women trying to force their Jewish values on everyone. For the most part, Jews have successfully concealed this connection.

Sometimes this is explained by saying that Jews may be found among the leaders of most of the anti-Christian social movements, such as Communism and other leftist causes, and even causes like libertarianism. There is some truth to this.

Now it appears that Jew-hating feminists have taken over the Women's March. The Jews are upset about this.

It is amazing that Jewish control of the feminist movement lasted so long. When feminists have complained about marriage, family, sex roles, etc., they were really just making a Jewish argument of questionable relevance to non-Jews.

If you mention Jewish involvement, you get accused of racism or anti-semitism:
Speaking on Fox News about the emerging left, Ann Coulter manages to offend everybody with her rant.

‘They all hate one another,’ she began.

‘I mean you have the Muslims and the Jews and the various exotic sexual groups and the black church ladies with the college queers.’

The only thing that keeps the Democratic base together is for them to keep focusing on: “No, white men are the ones keeping you down, you must hate white men.” It’s the only thing they all have in common.

On Ingraham’s Fox News show, Ann Coulter describes her version of the Dem party

“I mean you have the Muslims and the Jews and the various exotic sexual groups and the black church ladies with the college queers … you must hate white men. It’s the one thing they have in common”

Needless to say, her racist rant was not received well

‘This has to be one of the most racist things ever said on television. Advertisers, are you really going to support this?’ one Twitter user wrote.
What she says is factually correct. The main thing holding the Democrats together is hatred for White Christian men.

Update: For more on how Jews are losing control over the White-hating feminists, see this.

Update: According to this, the Jewish feminists brought on women of color in order to have a broader attack on white men, and were surprised by the anti-semitic and pro-sharia baggage. So they hired a public relations firm to tell Jewish journalists to delete their tweets citing a Jewish mag story criticizing the Women's March. It said: "Promise to delete your tweet about an article we don't like, and we might send you 'facts' you're not allowed to publish because journalism."

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