Monday, September 10, 2018

Tolerating the intolerant

Nassim Nicholas Taleb argues "The West is currently in the process of committing suicide." [Skin in the Game, chap. 2, p. 86]

This comment follows an explanation of why Islam cannot coexist with other religions. If a society tolerates Islam, then eventually Islam will take over. Islam takes new members by marriage, conquest, and taxation, and it never lets any go.

Other religions are not like that, he explains, and thus can stably co-exist with other religions.

He suggests that society must be intolerant of certain intolerances, or else the most intolerant factions win.

The Silicon Valley monopolists argue that Alex Jones must be banned, because he is the truly intolerant one, and that we should import as many Moslems as possible.

This is crazy. Alex Jones is just a guy with an opinion. Sometimes he recites conspiracy theories.

Moslems believe in killing or enslaving infidels. Their kids will have a religious duty to kill your kids. Their grandkids will have a religious duty to kill your grandkids. And so on. There is no way to avoid it, except to keep Moslems out of your country.

(Before someone tells me that most Moslems are not murderers, I know that. Some Moslems do not believe in killing infidels. In those cases, their kids and grandkids are the bigger threats.)

From Justin Trudeau of Canada:
“The world is moving towards more diversity, not less diversity. It’s a form of entropy where people will come with different perspectives, the advancement of communication, raising standards of living around the world…[it] means that our communities, our boardrooms, are going to be more and more diverse,” Trudeau said at a forum in Canada’s capitol. …

National Post columnist Andrew Coyne quipped, “Entropy is our strength,” mocking Trudeau’s mantra of “diversity is our strength.”
Does he really think that entropy is a good thing?

If you want diversity in your food, you do not add poison. Because once you add poison, it is all poisonous.

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