Saturday, September 29, 2018

The marriage gap and crazy psychologists

Think that the Brett Kavanaugh nomination is a men v. women issue? Not really.

Sailer reports:
Parenthetically, the putative war on women is really a war on marriage. One of Steve Sailer’s many great insights over the years has been noting how the much talked about gender gap is reliably dwarfed by the much larger marriage gap.

So it is with the Kavanaugh calumny. The following graphs show firstly the percentages of respondents, by sex and marital status, who support Kavanaugh’s nomination
The poll shows that a majority of married women support the nomination, as well as a majority of married men. The opposition comes from unmarried folks.

Married people are much more likely to have a mature understanding of the realities of male-female relations.

Christine Blasey Ford obviously suffers from a serious mental illness.

It is not so well known that she subscribes to a branch of psychology that believes that anxiety and neuroses stem from childhood trauma, that therapy can recover those memories if lost, and that it is therapeutic to relive those trauma memories.

If such memories cannot be found, then they must be invented in order to gain the therapeutic value.

None of this has any scientific backing, and yet it is widely believed among psychologists.

Many people assume that she was making a sacrifice by coming forward. On the contrary, to her it is an opportunity to get a massive public therapy session where she relives her supposed traumas.

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