Sunday, September 02, 2018

New Yorker writer hates Christians

I listened to Sam Harris Waking Up #131 podcast, with New Yorker writer Russian homosexual Jew queer Gessen. Those descriptors are from her.

She was anti-Russia, anti-Trump, and anti-Christian.

The curious thing was that she was much more tolerant of Islam than Christianity. She was very much in favor of importing Moslems into the USA, and hated evangelical Christians more than any other group.

Harris repeatedly asked for clarifications, and pointed out that Moslem countries treat homosexuals and Jews very poorly, and even kill homosexuals, while Christians treat them very well.

She could not give any example of any harm to the groups she identifies with (homosexuals, Jews, queers, feminists), but she nevertheless made it clear that she hates Christians so much that Moslems are to be preferred to Christians.

Of course she obviously would much rather live in a Christian country than a Moslem country or even a Jewish country.

She is just someone with an opinion, but the New Yorker is not known for permitting a diversity of opinion. If she is expressing these opinions in the New Yorker, then those opinions are probably common to most New York liberal Jews.

It is curious that Jews hate evangelical Christians so much, because evangelical Christians tend to be very pro-Israel and very friendly towards Jews.

Update: The New Yorker just disinvited Steve Bannon, out of some sort of unexplained animosity against whites by themselves and Hollywood allies.

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