Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Suicide of the West

Trump-hating conservative Jonah Goldberg has written Suicide of the West.

But what is the "West"? Wikipedia defines:
Ancient Greece[a][b] and ancient Rome[c] are generally considered to be the birthplaces of Western civilisation: the former due to its impact on philosophy, democracy, science and art; the latter due to its influence on law, warfare, governance, republicanism and architecture. Western civilisation is also founded upon Christianity (particularly Roman Catholicism and various Protestant churches), which is in turn shaped by Hellenistic philosophy, Judaism and Roman culture; ...

In modern usage, Western world refers to Europe and to areas whose populations largely originate from Europe, through the Age of Discovery's Christian imperialism.
In other words, white Christian patriarchal civilization.

"Suicide of the West" seems to be a euphemism for White Genocide. Sure, the West could defend itself against the barbarians, if it had the resolve. It does not, so its decline could be considered suicide.

Goldberg blames the Left for Pres. Trump. He complains about tribalism, but of course it is tribalism that seeks to destroy the West.

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