Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Court destroys jury secrecy

The NY Times reports:
The Supreme Court ruled on Monday that courts must make an exception to the usual rule that jury deliberations are secret when evidence emerges that those discussions were marred by racial or ethnic bias.

“Racial bias implicates unique historical, constitutional and institutional concerns,” Justice Anthony M. Kennedy wrote for the majority in the 5-to-3 decision.

The case arose from statements made during jury deliberations in a 2010 sexual assault trial. “I think he did it because he’s Mexican, and Mexican men take whatever they want,” a juror said of the defendant, according to sworn statements from other jurors submitted by defense lawyers after the trial was over.

The juror, identified in court papers as H.C., was a former law enforcement officer.
Maybe Kennedy is a Nazi.

It appears that Kennedy thinks that all Mexicans are rapists, and only govt regulation of private thoughts will allowing the continued importation of Mexican labor to displace Americans. And the so0called liberals on the court agree.

If you are ever on a jury, and you disagree with what the other jurors are doing, just go tell the judge that you think that some of them are racists. Then the judge will have to declare a mistrial, based on this supreme court decision.

If you argue for the guilt of the defendant, don't give any reasons except to parrot what the prosecutor said. Anything else could be considered racist.

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps anonymity for the defendant would be a reasonable course of action. If no one knows what race or gender is being accused then the facts of the case alone can help the jury determine a verdict. Who knows, even more women and non-whites will end up convicted, and with harsher sentences.