Wednesday, March 15, 2017

White hatred on CNN

From a CNN broadcast:
CUOMO: You're entitled to your opinion about all these things obviously. I want to go back at this one more time because it's that Important. A Muslim American, an Italian American, A Christian American, Jewish American, you do realize that they are all equal, all the same thing. We don't need babies from one of those groups more than we need them from another of those groups. Do you agree with me? ...

CUOMO: There are a lot of people teaching hatred in their families who are white, Irish, Italian, who are Muslim. A lot of people preach hate. There's hate in a lot of different groups. I get you have Muslim extremism that there's a concern in this country about it. But I asked you something else. These people are either all equal or they are not in your view. A Muslim American, an Italian American, German American like you and your blood, your roots. They are either all equal or they are not in your mind. What is the answer?
No, they are not "the same thing". No one in any of those groups would say that he is the same as the other groups.

We have different words because they are different. As Cuomo acknowledges, there are different hatreds in different groups.
CUOMO: If you want to apply that kind of thinking to America, it seems like a complete contradiction of what we're all about. This is the melting pot. We are known by those countries as the bastion of diversity. It's an unqualified strength for us.
No, race-mixing and refusing to recognize differences is not what America is about.

Diversity is not an unqualified strength. Ethnic diversity has some advantages, but it also has disadvantages. When he mentions hatreds, he shows that he is not completely blind to those disadvantages. Maybe Cuomo is Nazi.

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scotster88 said...

Tis a sad time to be a white male. It seems the Globalists are determined to destroy culture. As a kid we were required to study geography. I enjoyed learning about the Netherlands, Japan, and Sweden. Only Japan remains determined to preserve their culture.