Monday, June 20, 2016

Tech companies go full Leftist

It was widely reported that (((Facebook))) is rigging its system to favor Hillary Clinton, but so are the other big tech companies. See Anonymous - Google manipulating Hillary Clinton, Twitter blocking conservatives, and Apple fighting the GOP.

Apple is always adding gay emojis, but it and Microsoft have now banned the rifle emoji.

I tried watching some video clips of late night comedy shows on Trump and Clinton. They are just pro-Clinton propaganda, and not funny at all. Jay Leno would at least make an effort to make fun of both Republicans and Democrats. The shows today do not do that at all.

These tech companies are all heavily invested in betraying America. They want open borders, and to integrate America with the Third World. They want to import cheap labor, and subsidize foreigners to get hooked on their products. They want socialist control over all of your communications.

If Clinton is elected, look for a special law sheltering Google from liability for self-driving cars. Or maybe a fully-socialized car insurance system. Buying influence gets favors.

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