Thursday, June 16, 2016

Secret Lizard Person denial

Gizmodo reports:
Mark Zuckerberg hosted his first ever Facebook Live Q&A today. And it went about as well as you’d expect. One of the key things we learned? Mark Zuckerberg is not a lizard person. Or so he says.

The hour-long Q&A has been viewed by nearly 6 million people, and it even had a celebrity cameo in the form of a very awkward looking Jerry Seinfeld. But the most interesting part of the Q&A was when Mark Zuckerberg, CEO and billionaire, denied that he was actually a gigantic lizard posing in human form.

There have long been conspiracy theorists who believe that the world’s most powerful people are actually lizards disguised in giant human-shaped costumes. David Icke, the British conspiracy theorist, is perhaps the most famous person who contends that almost all powerful people are actually shape-shifting reptilian humanoids.

But Zuckerberg insists that he isn’t one of them.

“Mark, are the allegations true that you’re secretly a lizard? Um... I’m gonna, I’m gonna have to go with ‘no’ on that. I am not a lizard,” Zuckerberg said seeming oddly nervous.

“But keep the high quality comments coming in please, this is surely on track to be a great Live Q&A if we continue getting stuff at that level of quality,” Zuckerberg continued sarcastically.

The weirdest part is that the questions seemed to be pre-screened, at least in part. It almost seems like Zuck wanted to address the issue.

A 2013 poll found that roughly 4 percent of registered voters in the United States believe that “lizard people control our societies by gaining political power.” At the time of this writing 11,275 people have liked the Reptilians fanpage on Facebook.
Of course (((Zuckerberg))) would deny it.

The more relevant question is: If he were a secret lizard person, how would he behave any differently?

If there were a conspiracy of lizard people, the first thing they would do would be to set up a FaceBorg network to control all the humans on the planet, and brainwash them against any allegiances that would resist the lizard people.

I am going to use echo parentheses for (((suspected lizard people))).

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