Thursday, December 09, 2010

Swedish sluts accuse Assange

Sweden has a reputation for being a feminist heaven, and for having the sluttiest women in Europe. All a man has to do is to visit a bar, buy a woman a drink, tell her what she wants to hear, and she will go to bed with him. Especially in the winter, when it is too cold to do anything else. Now we are learning about the dark side to this culture.

The NY Times reports:
Now Mr. Assange, an Australian who is currently in Britain, faces an extradition request from Swedish prosecutors who want to question him on whether separate sexual encounters he had with each of the women became nonconsensual after he was no longer using a condom. Mr. Assange has denied all wrongdoing. ...

But Swedish women, backed by a strong consciousness of women’s rights and a history of a very public discussion of the scourge of sexual violence, may be more willing than most to look to the law for help.

The number of reported rapes in Sweden is by far the highest in the European Union, according to the European Sourcebook of Crime and Criminal Justice Statistics, which cites 53 offenses per 100,000 inhabitants. Britain has the next highest rate, at 24 per 100,000.

Stefan Lisinski, a veteran crime reporter for the daily newspaper Dagens Nyheter, said he spent between a third to half of his time writing about sexual crimes. Last month a senior police chief was convicted of rape in a high-profile appeals case.
You can read more in How two one-night stands sparked a worldwide hunt for Julian Assange and Interpol puts Assange on most-wanted list.

Or better yet, read the Roissy description. He details the absurdity of the charges, and says:
Sweden leads the way in this fembot festival of absurdity, but the other Western (white) nations are not far behind. China will catapult to superpower status this century, not least because they have their heads on straight and see modern feminism for the productivity and innovation sapping insanity it is.
It will be interesting to see whether any American feminists disavow this nonsense.

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