Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Study finds supertaskers

CBS News reports:
A new study by University of Utah psychologists on the ability of people to operate a motor vehicle and talk on a cell phone ...

Reaction to hit the brakes was slowed 20 percent. Drivers also failed to keep pace with traffic, as following distances increased 30 percent. Their performances in memorization declined (by 11 percent), and math performance dropped as well (by 3 percent).

Yet for the "supertaskers," there was no change in their braking times, following distances or mathematical ability - and their memory improved by 3 percent.

Researchers found this small group of "supertaskers" also displayed better performance when performing a single task than did the rest of the subjects.
Maybe the DMV driving test should test for multitasking. Those who can do it are probably safer with the legal right to use cellphones.

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