Monday, March 15, 2010

Neanderthal med student article

An article by 24-year-old med student Brent Thoma drew this response:
"I can only hope that he is sincere in his decision to forgo a career in Family Medicine, thereby sparing countless future female patients the agony of having to deal with his apparent Neanderthal tendencies," one professor wrote. Several letters were subsequently sent to the journal defending the student.

At least one member of the public has also written to Canadian Family Physician demanding an apology and retraction.

"Congratulations on publishing the most offensive, insensitive article ever," wrote Grace Sanchez MacCall, a business owner from Toronto.

In an interview, Ms. Sanchez MacCall understood that the article addresses a legitimate issue. "But the way it was addressed, using humour ineptly, was completely inappropriate and had no place in being legitimized by a professional association's journal," she said.
The article obviously struck a nerve, as it appeared several months ago and people are still complaining about it.

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