Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I just want my rights

I thought that the California same-sex trial was going to present evidence that sexual preference was immutable, but the first day gave us this:
Kristin Perry and Sandra Stier will put their love life on trial today when they take the stand in a federal courtroom in San Francisco. ...

Stier, 47, is a tech-support manager for Alameda County, and the two are raising four boys, ages 15 to 21. Two of the boys are from Perry's previous relationship with a woman and two are from Stier's previous relationship with a man.
So apparently she can have a sexual relationship with a man. It appears that this case is more about cutting fathers off from their sons. She wants same-sex marriage so that it will be respectable for women to ditch their husbands, take the kids, live with another woman, and force the kids to grow up without a father.

They live in Berkeley. I thought lesbianism was already respectable in Berkeley!

It appears that this couple never really wanted to get married. They had a chance to in 2008, but they became domestic partners instead.

The lesbian plaintiff gave this explanation:
"I feel like a tiny person in this huge country, and I just want my rights," testified Sandy Stier, a Berkeley woman and one of the gay plaintiffs seeking the right to marry. "I'm just trying to get the rights the Constitution says I have."
If that is all she wants, then she should read what the Constitution says about lesbianism. The case should be dismissed, unless she can prove that she has been damaged somehow.

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