Friday, January 15, 2010

Crazy people need certificates to spend money

From another trial day:
SAN FRANCISCO — With the historic trial of a challenge to California's gay marriage ban nearing the end of its first week, two more experts testified Thursday on the negative fallout of denying same-sex couples the right to wed.

The experts cited the mental health toll on gays and lesbians across the state, and they said the ban costs a local government such as San Francisco's millions of dollars a year. ...

Thursday, Ilan Meyer, a Columbia University professor, testified on his research into the mental health damage caused to gays and lesbians by discrimination and the denial of marriage rights. ...

Edmund Egan, the city and county of San Francisco's chief economist, testified it costs the local government's coffers as much as $35 million a year in lost revenue from weddings, hotels and related expenses by denying same-sex couples the right to marry in the city.
I think that Olson and Boies are trying to sabotage the case. These are really bad arguments. If these are really valid arguments that the law is unconstitutional, then I would think that the cell phone driving law and a lot of other laws would also be unconstitutional.

Meanwhile, DC is not allowed to vote:
Thirty-one states have held referendums on whether or not to ban gay marriage, but a Washington, D.C., judge ruled Thursday that such a vote would violate the District’s Human Rights Act.

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