Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Counseling undermines marriage

Today's Dear Abby says:
DEAR ABBY: I just started counseling for postpartum depression. My husband keeps asking me what we talked about. During the counseling sessions I discuss all aspects of my life -- including my husband. How can I let him know that what I discuss with my therapist is none of his business? -- NEW MAMA IN ARIZONA

DEAR NEW MAMA: Your husband's curiosity is natural, particularly if he has never had any counseling.
What does that mean? Do counselor explain, on the first day of counseling, to keep secrets from your spouse? There is something sick about a counselor who tries to convince a wife that she has greater loyalties to the counselor than to her husband.

Why is this woman even writing to Dear Abby if she already has a counselor?

I think that this couple is headed for divorce. If the wife has problems bad enough to need counseling, then she should be willing to tell her husband. The counselor is actively working to undermine the marriage. Yes, the husband has good reason to try to terminate the counseling.

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