Sunday, July 05, 2009

Two Cops Make Out in Patrol Car

Glenn Sacks writes:
Police Chief Tim Escola and Officer Janine England of Perry Township, Ohio took a trip in a police cruiser to pick up a prisoner in Cincinnati. ... The car had a video camera mounted on the dashboard that recorded them kissing and caressing each other. That's a violation of department policy and when an anonymous report was made about the pair, Escola abruptly retired in lieu of departmental discipline. Pursuant to the investigation into the tip, the video was made public.

The department announced that England would not face any form of discipline for her part in the incident which appears on the video to have been entirely consensual. Strangely enough, Law Director Charles Hall said, in explaining why England would not be disciplined, "I don't think I can reprimand her for a department violation, when he's there and engaging in the same activity."

To which some of us respond, "Huh?" If they're engaging in "the same activity," and that activity violates departmental policy, it would seem they should both be disciplined. What am I not getting?

Maybe it's this: Prior to her job at Perry, England was a peace officer with Montville Township. She resigned that job and sued Montville for sexual harrassment and racial discrimination, a suit she later dropped. Hmm. I wonder what events led up to her resignation and claim of harrassment. Could it have been sexual activity with another officer? Just a wild guess. Could it be that Perry Township is just trying to avoid a similar lawsuit? Again, just a wild guess on my part.
I think that I get the pattern. The woman seduces a co-worker, and then sues for sexual harassment. I wonder how many times she has gotten away with it.

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