Friday, July 24, 2009

The attack on good food

Ellen Goodman writes:
A more personal measure is David Kessler's bestseller, "The End of Overeating," which is both a thinking person's diet book and an investigation into an industry that wants us to eat more. The former head of the FDA had crusaded against smoking, but found himself helpless before a chocolate chip cookie. So this yo-yo dieter set out to discover what exactly we're up against.

Kessler is a scientist, not a conspiracy theorist. But he writes about how the food industry has learned to produce "hyperpalatable combinations of sugar, fat and salt" that not only appeal to us but "have the capacity to rewire our brains, driving us to seek out more and more of those products."
No, David Kessler is not a scientist. Physician, lawyer, and administrator, but not a scientist.

I am happy that food makers are selling food that tastes good. If it is hyperpalatable, so much the better.

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