Monday, August 11, 2008

More lesbian divorce

The Fresno paper reports:
A same-sex couple who were married in Fresno County on June 27 -- just 10 days after county clerks in California started issuing marriage licenses for gay and lesbian couples -- has filed for divorce.

The couple, Theresa Ramirez and Adelita Guajardo, are among more than 100 same-sex couples who applied for a marriage license in the county since June.

Three days after their marriage, Ramirez filed for divorce, court records show. The court petition says there were "irreconcilable differences" between her and Guajardo. ...

Same-sex couples, Fletcher said, may have lived in a "siege mentality" prior to the California Supreme Court ruling in May legalizing same-sex marriage.

"In a way, gays and lesbians had a common enemy in the form of the state and society," Fletcher said. "People who have common enemies tend to stick together."

But once same-sex marriages were legalized, he said, "it's no longer you and me against the world -- it's you and me against each other."
I guess all the gays and lesbians will be fighting each other now.

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