Friday, August 15, 2008

Burger ban is weighed in San Jose

The Si Valley paper reports:
Three San Jose City Council members Thursday proposed a one-year citywide moratorium on new fast-food restaurants, arguing that the prolific eateries are fattening people - especially kids - with unhealthy fare.

The proposal is similar to a moratorium the Los Angeles City Council approved last month for south Los Angeles. The San Jose proposal also calls for an indefinite ban on new fast-food restaurants within 1,000 feet of schools.

"Obesity is a huge problem within our society and among children," said Councilwoman Nora Campos, who was joined by councilmen Forrest Williams and Kansen Chu. ...

The San Jose proposal does not yet define "fast-food" restaurants and instead asks the city attorney to come up with language. Reed said that may prove difficult.

"Nobody has any idea what fast food is and how you define it," Reed said. "Are we going to ban the taquerias? Chinese food places?"

Los Angeles decided on certain characteristics: "a limited menu, items prepared in advance or prepared or heated quickly, no table orders and food served in disposable wrapping or containers."
Note that the definition does not involve whether the food is healthy or fattening.

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