Thursday, March 13, 2008

Man accused of 200 rapes

Penn. crime news:
BELLEFONTE, Pa. — A man raped a woman nearly 200 times over a 13-month period at her home and his, threatening to cause her further harm if she ever told her husband or police, authorities said.

Roy Chamberlin, 29, would regularly sneak into the woman’s house after her husband left for work, then rape her, police said. ...

When she finally did talk with police, she said one alleged assault occurred just nine days after she had undergone surgery. She went to the emergency room and was treated for a bruised chest.

The woman’s husband told police he saw bruises on his wife about two dozen times and arrived home early one day in June to find her yelling at Chamberlin with the door locked.

Confronted by her husband, the woman declined to discuss the encounter, and her husband said he dropped the issue because of his wife’s ailing health, police said.

The husband said he also confronted his wife after an encounter at Chamberlin’s house, but the woman again declined to talk about it.
That is not rape. She had an affair with the man, and is now calling it rape to save her marriage.

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