Monday, March 03, 2008

Truth about gals' serial fibbing

The NY Post reports:
Most females lie "more cleverly and successfully than men" about everything from infidelity and facelifts to barhopping and shopping binges, according to a new book. ...

Barish said a Rockland County woman stripped of her secrets on Fox TV's reality show "Moment of Truth" last week proves her research true.

Lauren Cleri, 26, admitted on air she had cheated on her NYPD cop husband and preferred an ex-boyfriend. But she failed a polygraph, and lost $200,000, by answering "yes" when asked if she believed she was a good person.

"It supports my thesis that women are talented at lying - but perhaps not enough to pass a lie-detector test," Barash said.
That TV shows seems to have taken reality-show humiliation to a new level. Some reality shows portray people trying to accomplish something; others just try to humiliate people. There must be a lot of people who enjoy others being humiliated.

This research is biased, but I think that it is correct that women lie a lot more than men do.

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