Friday, October 27, 2006

Wild pigs contaminate spinach

LA Times reports:
The same E. coli strain blamed for sickening 204 spinach eaters and killing three has now been found in creek water and in the intestines of a wild pig killed near a suspect spinach farm, California health officials said Thursday.

The findings are significant because they suggest possible ways that the virulent bacteria, E. coli O157:H7, may have spread from cow droppings onto spinach leaves processed by Natural Selection Foods in San Juan Bautista.

Officials have refused to identify the implicated farm -- one of four they are focusing on -- but have said it is above cattle pastures in a valley in Monterey or San Benito counties.
What the article doesn't say is that leftist animal-loving kooks have passed laws against killing wild pigs.

I live in the next county, and I have had wild pigs roam over my land. They are scary non-native pests. There is a long, difficult, and expensive process for getting a permit to kill pigs. And if you do succeed in killing a wild pig, you are not allowed to eat it! You are supposed to donate the meat to charity.

It is funny that it was the spinach-salad lovers who suffered a nationwide scare resulting from these wild pigs.

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