Thursday, October 05, 2006

Creepy Foley scandal

Several things about the Foley scandal are creepy. They are:

  • Persistent gay-bashing on the part of the Left.
  • Leftist newspapers and broadcasters who hoard personal details about peoples' lives, and then later publicize them in way to maximize embarrassment and political impact.
  • Saying that Foley is a pedophile just because he sent some overly-friendly or vulgar messages to 16-18 year old boys. He didn't have sex with the boys, and even if he did, they had reached the age of consent and it would not be pedophilia.
  • The idea that teenaged boys are turned gay as a result of molestations, and that they then spend their adult lives trying to similarly corrupt other boys.

    Mike writes:
    that last sentence is rather incomplete, no?
    I am just listing some creepy ideas. I suppose that I should post some research data on what actually happens, but I don't have any.

    Mike adds:
    Ah... I missed the fact that it's a list. Perhaps you should bullet them to make that clearer for those of us who read your articles from the bottom up! (16 is the age of consent? in what state? the other three points would be more appropriate criticisms of the right, rather than the left. for example, you personally are more guilty of 1 than anyone I know on the left.)
    16 is the age of consent in Wash. DC and in most of the world.

    When have you ever heard me gay-bash? It is Democrats and Leftists who argue that Republicans should have investigated Foley because he was gay. It is Leftists who persistently threaten to out closeted gays in public life. It was John Kerry and John Edwards who, in the 2004 presidential debates, each initiated a gay-baiting attack on Cheney's daughter.
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