Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Against vetting

Here is someone who is actually against child protection vetting:
The vetting of adults in the name of child protection is out of control. There has been a massive expansion of vetting in the past four years. Those now being vetted include 16-year-olds teaching younger kids to read, parents volunteering at school, and foster carers' friends. Running an after-school club is now subject to more stringent security tests than selling explosives.
California's Prop. 83 is endorsed by the Democrats and Republicans, and it will require extreme restrictions and monitoring of sex offenders. I think that the vetters have gone way too far.

Meanwhile, here is some school paranoia in Massachussetts:
(CBS4) ATTLEBORO Children at the Willett Elementary School in Attleboro are not allowed to play tag, touch football or any games involving contact during recess.

Prinicpal Gaylene Heppe cited the safety risks and the school's liability in case of injury as reasons for the recess ban. Heppe, who is in her second year as principal, told CBS4 the ban is not new and has been in effect for years. ...

The Attleboro Sun Chronicle reports elementary schools in Cheyenne, Wyo. and Spokane, Wash. banned tag at recess this year. A suburban Charleston, S.C. school also outlawed all unsupervised contact sports.
Weird. Kids like to play tags, and it is a healthy game.

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